Students have to sit for placement test to determine the suitable course for their English language proficiency level. Once the course is determined, the student will commence to attend class based on a timetable provided.

Class duration varies according to levels. Full time courses are held from Mondays to Fridays. Click here to view a sample of the timetable.

Academic Policies

Orientation & Registration of New Students

All students are briefed on the first day of their session on the rules and regulations and the code of conduct to adhere to while studying at CEFL. The first hour will be used for administrative purposes, i.e. registration, orientation and collection of books and distribution of the session timetable.


CEFL’s requisite to learning English requires full participation from students and this makes attendance at classes important. Students who miss more than 5% of class hours for any one component without a valid reason will not be awarded any marks and their progress report will record as incomplete.

Replacement Class Policy

In the event that there is more than one public holiday within a 25 day session, replacement classes will be arranged and these replacement classes will usually be held on Saturdays.

Progress Checks / Finals

Main Suite classes require different tasks and projects, but each instructor will give the dates and procedures for completing requirements within the course. The final examination schedule for all Levels will be posted on the notice boards in advance. Assessment and progress checks are conducted throughout the course for all components.

Evaluation & Examination

Each level of the Main Suite courses runs on a five-week session. Examinations are conducted according to the Cambridge English Language Assessment schedule.


Marks are awarded on a percentage basis as follows:

Distinction              90% – 100%

Credit                     80% -89%

Pass                       70% – 79%

Repeat                   0% – 69%

Incomplete             X*

*The student has failed to meet the minimum attendance requirement to pass the course.

The following criteria for grading are adhered to:

Finals                                                                                   40%

Mid-Session Progress Check/Continuous Assessment      30%

Class work/Homework                                                         20%

Participation                                                                         10%

Pass / Repeat Policy

A student is deemed to have passed a level if he/she scores 70% in all components (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). A fail mark recorded for any one component would mean that the student has to repeat that level. In special cases, where students have performed extremely well in passed components, they may be allowed to do a split-level. Another criterion for passing is fulfilment of attendance requirements.

Progress Reports

A Progress Report is given to every student on the last day of the session. It reports the student’s proficiency level for Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


Certificates of Completion are awarded to students who have completed any of the integral courses, provided they record an attendance of more than 95%.

Cambridge English Language Assessment exams are provided by the University of Cambridge. Certificates from Cambridge are recognised by over 13,500 employ.

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