Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) provides international students with the necessary assistance in applying for a Student Pass or Visa to study at our centres.

Student Pass (Visa) Application Process

1. Submit application form and supporting documents together with initial fee.

Download and complete the International Student Application Form below. Please ensure that all sections are completed, and that you have included the following documents:

  • Visa processing fee: MYR 2,300 (non-refundable, equivalent to USD 800). Photocopy of proof of payment eg. bank telegraphic transfer confirmation advice / bank draft receipt (1 set). Please make all fees payable to Cambridge EFL Sdn Bhd AC2. CIMB Bank account number is 1421-0013667-05-1 (CIMB Bank Bhd, Taman Tun Dr Ismail Branch, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
  • Full-page photocopy of passport including picture page (4 sets).
  • Photocopy of Medical Health Examination Report (1 set).
  • Photocopy of Medical Insurance Certificate with policy number, only if applicable (1 set).
  • Recent passport-size photo: 4 X 5.5cm (5 sets excluding the application form photo).
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card, only if available (1 set).
  • English translations of all documents submitted, if necessary (1 set).

You should submit your application at least two months before the proposed intake date, to allow time for processing by the Malaysian authorities.

Download Student Application Form in English.

Download Student Application Form in Chinese.


2. Upon approval of your application, Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) will send you an Offer Letter directly to you.


3. CEFL submits documents to MOE and Immigration Department and waits for approval.


4. CEFL informs student of acceptance and student submits payment of course fees.

It is a condition of releasing the official Student Pass Approval Letter to the student that CEFL’s course fees are paid in full, in advance.


5. Receive the original copy of the Student Pass Approval Letter.

Once receipt of your full payment is confirmed, CEFL will courier to you the original Student Pass Approval letter.

If you come from a yellow fever endemic area (Africa, Central / South America), you are required to have the necessary vaccinations before entering Malaysia. You will also need to bring proof of these vaccinations as the medical certificate will be verified by the Health & Quarantine officers in the airport.

Arrangements can then be made for your arrival in Malaysia. Should you have any concerns or special requirements, please contact the Malaysian Embassy in your home country.


6. Inform CEFL of travel and accommodation arrangements for airport pickup.

You need to provide CEFL with your exact travel dates and flight information, so that you can be met on arrival in Malaysia.

You are responsible for finding your own accommodation, but please let CEFL know at the application stage whether you need help with this. It is important to keep CEFL up-to-date with your living arrangements as we need to provide this information to the Malaysian authorities.


7. Report to CEFL for placement testing and orientation. You will be required to visit immigration within 14 days of arrival.

Before you can start classes, CEFL needs to assess your existing language skills in order to determine which level programme would be most suitable for you. The test results will enable the centre to place you at an appropriate level for optimum benefit.



The Immigration policies of Malaysia are very strict regarding the issuance of the Student Pass. Therefore, as a guest of this country, it is important that all students holding a Student Pass adhere to these regulations:

Extension of Student Pass

Be sure that you know the expiry date of your Student Pass. If you are planning to continue your studies at CEFL, you will have to submit your passport and all other relevant documents to the Front Desk at least 6 weeks before the expiry date of your Student Pass for extension purposes. The Immigration Department will charge a nominal fee, which will be borne by the student for this process. Processing of Student Pass Extensions will take at least 6 weeks.

Cancellation of Student Pass

If you are planning to leave the country and return to your country of origin, you will have to submit your passport together with a copy of your flight ticket to the Front Desk for Student Pass cancellation purposes. It will take approximately 3 weeks for the Immigration Department to process the cancellation. Any balance of monies due to you will be refunded on confirmation of the cancellation of the Student Pass by immigration authorities. Please note that all refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of the Refund Policy practised by CEFL.

Shortening of Student Pass

We would strongly encourage students to transfer to other colleges only on completion of the IELTS test. International students need to obtain an offer letter from the college/university of their choice before a Release Letter can be issued. The validity of your current Student Pass will subsequently be shortened to enable your new college/university to process your new Student Pass as quickly as possible. Shortening of Student Pass validity takes at least 6 weeks.

Note: Students are to keep their centre informed of their future plans upon completion of their studies with the centre. Please check on formalities with the Front Desk. If all formalities are observed, students should receive any refunds due to them within 14 working days.


The Centre Manager or person authorised must approve all requests for Cancellation/Shortening/Refunds prior to submission to the Immigration Department.

Leave Application

International students who have studied for at least 4 months continuously are eligible for one (1) month’s leave. To apply for leave, students need to complete the leave application form obtainable from the Front Desk. Their application must receive the approval of the Academic Director/Centre Manager before they can go on leave. The Student Pass may be CANCELLED if students do not inform the centre of their whereabouts.

Medical Insurance

Medical Examination

All international students need to undergo a medical examination in their country of origin. This is to ensure that they are in good health to pursue their studies in Malaysia.


Medical insurance for all international students is strongly encouraged. If a student has insurance coverage from his/her government or a private company, students concerned are required to sign a ‘Disclaimer Form’.

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