B1 Preliminary is used as a measure of language ability for official or instructional purposes, such as acquiring citizenship or gaining entry into courses to further studies.

Language learners at this Threshold (B1) Level, should be able to cope linguistically in a range of everyday situations in their own or foreign country, requiring a largely predictable use of the English language for general purposes.

The B1 Preliminary course covers all four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

At the end of the course, learners are expected to:

  • read and understand informative texts, notices and relevant instructional manuals
  • understand the main points of commentaries and ask questions in order to get more information
  • state requirements and ask fact-finding questions within their area of familiarity
  • take part in a discussion which involves the exchange of factual information or receiving instructions
  • receive and pass on messages within predictable routines
  • deal with most situations likely to arise in everyday situations or particular to an external arrangement of non-specialised nature
  • pick out facts as well as understand opinions, attitudes, moods and wishes
  • write messages within a standard format

The B1 Preliminary course syllabus and assessment is structured to reflect the use of language in real life and corresponds closely to an active communicative approach to learning English, with a focus on clarity and accuracy.

The B1 Preliminary course is designed to effectively prepare learners for the B1 Preliminary examination by:

  • teaching the language, skills and techniques needed for exam success
  • building confidence by explaining what they have to do, showing them how to do it and providing plenty of practice at regular intervals throughout the course
  • making the preparation fun with engaging texts and motivating practice activities
  • providing thorough training and guidance on how to deal with unfamiliar questions

Learners are advised to first take a placement test to determine which course is appropriate to their level of English language proficiency. This one-hour test can be taken at any CEFL Centre. At the end of the course, they can opt to sit for the appropriate level exam from Cambridge Assessment English.

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