Best performing students in Cambridge English Exams 2014 (4 March 2015)

It always brings great satisfaction to report on positive exam results but nothing gives more satisfaction than reporting on students that have achieved a perfect score.  It makes you realise that the interaction between student and teacher was perfect. 

First of all, congratulations to the following KET students for achieving this impressive achievement:





Amanda Lee Ai Jen Kelana Jaya
Perteep Naidu K Karunakaran Kota Damansara
Chew Ying Yi

Putra Heights

Elvin Athittean Victor Putra Heights
Yong Shuan Jing Sri Petaling
Lim Zi Yao



A point we must never lose sight of is that all this will never be possible without dedicated teachers and supportive parents playing their unsung background role.  To both teachers and parents, congratulations on your role and take heart of the fact that you have assisted in playing an important role in these students and your children’s achievements.

Once again, congratulations to all students concerned and may your studies continue to flourish.






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