The Business English Communications Skills programme is designed for adult learners who wish to improve their English language communication skills and are either about to start work or are already working. The programme is suitable for learners who are at pre-intermediate to intermediate levels of proficiency. It begins with a diagnostic assessment of learners’ existing knowledge, command, and business language usage.

The programme is designed to:

  • Develop and refine participants’ language knowledge and skills for effective written and spoken communication.
  • Emphasise the understanding of communication as a process.
  • Involve participants in a variety of individual and collaborative efforts.
  • Provide a variety of scenarios representing experiences from various communities, cultures and/or professional groups.
  • Develop participants’ proficiency in the use of communication techniques for practical and realistic purposes.

The structure of the programme is developed on the premise that confidence and expertise in written and spoken communication is gained through active participation in practical and meaningful communication experiences. Through practising basic planning techniques, participants will learn to construct and deliver a wide range of written and spoken communication in a clear, concise and logical manner.

The programme consists of 40 lessons of 1½ hours each, conducted twice a week. It takes 20 weeks (2 terms) to complete the whole programme.

Business English Communication Skills is HRDF-claimable.

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