Cambridge English For Life Book Charity Drive 2011 (21 December 2011)

During the last quarter of 2011, CEFL organised a Book Charity Drive, a CSR project to provide books for the under privileged. Public, students, parents and staff were encouraged to contribute English language books (story books, picture books and encyclopedias) for children. A total of 600 books were collected, which were donated to Rumah Hope on 21 December 2011. The book donation was very timely as the home needed to add new titles to their library. The children were very happy to receive the books and were clearly looking forward to reading them. The Book Charity Drive is part of CEFL reading campaign with the objectives of cultivating early reading habits and nurturing a well read society. Indeed Making Today’s Learning Tomorrow’s Success begins with reading.

About Rumah Hope

Founded in 1994, Rumah Hope is run by volunteers from all walks of life working together for the betterment of children in crisis situations for whom they provide shelter, food, care and security. Rumah Hope has 60 children aged 4-17.

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