Why train with Cambridge Education For Life?

As a Cambridge International Centre for Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge Education For Life (Cam Edu) has been conducting a tutorial programme since 2002, which leads to the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education. To date, Cam Edu has prepared more than 30 cohorts for the Diploma.

Cam Edu delivers top quality teacher training to schools and colleges as well as individual teachers and newcomers to the field looking for a career change. The first candidate in the world to gain Distinction in all four modules of the CIDTT graduated from Cam Edu in August 2003. To date, we have successfully recruited and trained over 300 candidates of whom many received distinctions in each module.

Backed by an uncompromising commitment to maintaining the highest standards of reliability and integrity, Cam Edu is well placed to help you in your quest for teaching skills and in securing a prestigious and internationally recognised qualification that will prove advantageous for your career development and success.

As of January 2015, CAIE has come up with a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme; the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Learning (CIDTL) to replace the CIDTT.

What is the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)?

The CIDTL is developed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education, a division of Cambridge Assessment – formerly known as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). It is designed to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Who is it for?

The Diploma is for practising teachers. It focuses on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in the key aspects of teaching and learning. They are inclusive and relevant to all teaching and learning contexts: from primary and secondary general education, to vocational education and training, to further adult and higher education.

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What will it do for you?

It will help teachers to explore and apply new ideas in their own context, integrate new approaches in their own practice, and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners.

What is the duration?

Tutorials are held on weekends over a period of 3-4 months.

When are the intakes?

January/February and June/July.

What does the CIDTL involve?

CIDTL is designed to encourage and recognise attributes contributing to excellent teaching. It is also designed to provide for professional development. It involves a spiral of professional learning – each stage is a cycle of pragmatic learning and reflective practice following on from the previous cycle and leading on to the next. Areas of learning are revisited systematically within the programme so that teachers can engage in lessons in more depth and acquire related knowledge and skills.

It consists of a broad balance of activities, appropriate to the needs and circumstances of teachers and their organisation(s).

The course comprises three modules as follows:

  • Module 1: Exploring teaching and learning
  • Module 2: Teaching and Learning in Action
  • Module 3: Developing professional practice

How is the CIDTL assessed?

Assessment is carried out through a portfolio of evidence, examined by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). In their portfolio, teachers demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding in the context of their own work, from a variety of sources.

Each assignment is externally assessed by CAIE. Candidates will be certificated for each module. Each assignment module is graded as Distinction, Pass or Fail.

To achieve a full Diploma, all module assignments must be successfully completed.

To achieve a Distinction in the Diploma, a candidate must achieve distinctions in at least two modules.

If you have further queries, please click here to get in touch with us or contact us at 03 7883 0912 / [email protected]

Testimonials from CIE

  • I congratulate the Centre for providing the candidates with what appears to be a very coherent, integrated and thought-provoking professional development programme that echoes the true spirit of the Cambridge professional development qualifications. - Examiner, Cambridge Assessment International Education
    Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • I have been a student at CEFL Kinrara for almost 8 years. After attending classes here, I have more confidence speaking in English as I mainly converse in Mandarin. I also learnt grammar, vocabulary and writing which help me a lot in my school work.
    Foo Chuan Yung
  • When I sent my elder son, Bo Yi to CEFL Kinrara at 6yo, he couldn’t read at all and I was worried. However, after just about 4 months here, I could see vast improvement. I am sending my younger son now so that he has a good head start.
    Vivian Yong
  • I am happy with my son’s progress in Cambridge EFL at Puchong Utama. Irsyad was weak in spelling when he first joined JE 2 at the age of 7. He skipped 1 year of STARTERS after completing JE2 as his spelling improved tremendously. Now he’s a confident Movers level student
    Encik Azrul
    Puchong Utama
  • I am very grateful to have completed this course - the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and learning. Throughout the journey, I came across many different concepts that I was not familiar with previously in my teaching career such as differentiation, formative assessment, active learning and learning styles. I came to learn about the various teaching methods to enhance my learners' learning. I also had the experience of going into my fellow colleagues' classes and vice versa. We have both reflected on what was good and improved on what could have been improved. I am now better equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. I am more confident of what I do in the classroom. This course enables me to carry out coherent and effective lessons by applying both active learning and differentiation methods in my classroom. Moreover, I can assess my students effectively too. I am glad I actually signed up for it and I am proud to have completed it successfully too. - Teacher, Nobel International School
  • Although I had been teaching in varying capacities for 16 years prior to beginning this course the 'Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning' experience has definitely had a positive impact on my teaching practice. It has encouraged me to be a more reflective teacher, something that can be a difficult skill to develop in this fast moving profession. Taking time to look at my strong and weak areas and challenging myself to take risks now and again have definitely been nurtured throughout this course and I have become a far more confident teacher because of this. My increased awareness of a learner centred teaching style and the various theories behind it have enabled me to have a stronger understanding of why this approach is so successful. The course does involve a lot of hard work and dedication but the benefits to your approach to teaching will continue throughout the rest of your teaching career. - Teacher, The International School @ ParkCity
  • My daughter, Loh Ee Jean, took the Cambridge English For Life JE1 course when she was five years old. She is eight years old this year. Throughout these 4 years, I’m satisfied with her improvement. Now, my son has also joined Cambridge English For Life. At the beginning, he didn’t want to attend classes, but now he enjoys the classes very much.
    Madam Lee Su Chien
    Puchong Utama
  • After enrolling my daughter, Esha Durrga, in Cambridge English For Life (CEFL), her grammar and her confidence in English have improved. Now, she is able to write and speak well. Recently, she achieved an excellent result in her KET examination. I hope she can excel and master the language after completing CEFL courses. Special thanks to CEFL and all the teachers for their excellent coaching.
    Madam Khala
    Puchong Utama
  • My daughter, Elise, became Teacher Irene’s student under the CEFL programme offered at her school when she was in Standard 1. She scored full marks in one of her exam papers and achieved A's in all the other papers. I must credit Teacher Irene for my girl's excellent results, and I really appreciate her dedication and encouragement over the past year”
    Ms Shanice Yap
    JK (C) Lai Meng
  • After joining Cambridge English For Life  Kuchai, my English got better especially my grammar and vocabulary.  I was extremely happy and surprised when I received my results.  I really enjoy studying in CEFL – Kuchai because my teacher is humorous and my classmates are equally funny.  Although at times, my class can be quiet as everyone needs to listen attentively to the teacher as he teaches. It's wonderful that he will reward us with fun group activities if we completed our class work within the time frame given.  My classmates and I get along well with everyone in the centre and love the learning experience there.
    Jasmine Wong Yan Yan, 13
    Kuchai Lama
  • I learned to effectively use suitable formative assessment methods to support and monitor my learners' learning.
  • Your centre has been very supportive in assisting me to complete all the assignments. Thank you, CEFL.
  • My teachers at CEFL are always guiding and motivating me to do better. I hope to continue on the path to being great at English.
    Lam Wan Nee, 11
    Kota Damansara
  • I enjoy the easy-going atmosphere at CEFL where teachers and classmates are always friendly and polite. The lessons are always interesting and engaging. I believe this has helped me to score full marks for the Key English Test (KET) exam in 2013.
    Bryan Liew, 14
  • Attending classes at CEFL has helped to boost my interest in English. I am grateful for my parents and teacher, Ms. Shari for continuously cheering me on to achieve great results.
    Lian Wan Yi, 14
    Kota Damansara
  • I enjoy the lessons at CEFL as they are always fun and far from stressful. With the guidance of my teachers, I was able to score 100% in the Key English Test (KET) and earn a spot on my school’s debate team.
    Heng Qi Qian, 15
    USJ 21
  • Studying English in-depth at CEFL has challenged me to understand and speak the language better.
    Syasmeen Anshary, 16
    Sungai Buloh
  • CEFL has helped me to increase my confidence in public speaking. This new found confidence has pushed me to join more public speaking and storytelling competitions.
    Chloe Yong, 9
    Kota Damansara
  • Since joining CEFL, my reading and vocabulary range has improved tremendously even though I have dyslexia. I hope to become an English teacher someday to empower others the way CEFL has empowered me.
    Alicia Ho, 12
    Mahkota Cheras
  • I’ve made many friends at CEFL and managed to score 15 shields for all papers in the Young Learners English (YLE) exams. I really enjoy going for classes and the teachers make lessons fun.
    Jasmyn Heng Wei Wen, 9
  • CEFL has guided me to achieve exceptional results in the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) examinations.
    Goh Jing Kun, 17
    Kota Damansara
  • Learning is always fun at CEFL. I get to learn a lot of new words, become more confident in spelling and speak better English.
    Iman Khadeeja, 6
    Bandar Kinrara
  • Lessons at CEFL are always fun and have helped me to write better in English. I recently achieved full marks in the Super Starters examination.
    Joven Thing, 9
    Mahkota Cheras
  • I enjoy the classes very much and have noticed a big improvement in my listening, writing, and speaking skills.
    Cheong Yuen Phing, 16
    Kota Damansara
  • I have seen a drastic change in my son ever since he started class last year. The class has boosted his confidence as he was always motivated to read out loud in class. He surprised me when he scored very good results in the Cambridge English Language Assessment Test. I believe my son has benefitted from CEFL lessons and I will surely recommend CEFL to others.
    Mrs Amy Choke
    Kota Kemuning
  • My sons have been studying English at this centre since they were quite young. Their learning is fruitful; they are progressing steadily with the aid of the effective material provided and passionate guidance from the tutors. CEFL has good quality teachers and provides an excellent service.
    Mrs Chew
    USJ 21
  • I would strongly recommend CEFL to other parents. The courses are well administered by professional teachers and an organised syllabus. CEFL is the path for my child’s development in all aspects of English command. I am confident she can excel and master the English language.
    Ms Madeline Ong
    Bandar Puteri Puchong
  • Throughout the year I noticed my son’s level of English improved tremendously. He can write good essays and I find he has learned a lot of new vocabulary. I’m glad I made the right choice. CEFL provides the best for their students.
    Mrs Wan
    Kota Damansara
  • Both of my sons were not confident speaking English because most of their friends were Malay, and therefore they spoke more in Malay. They were struggling to express themselves because of their limited vocabulary. Now, after a few years in CEFL, my sons have improved themselves. They no longer feel shy and try to speak in English throughout and not mix it with Malay.
    Puan Sharizan bt Sharkawi
    USJ 21
  • After enrolling my child into CEFL, my child’s English proficiency level has improved greatly. She now not only writes better, but listens better and speaks even more fluently.
    Mr Palaniappan
  • CEFL provides a quality educational environment. It helps students progress in stages, allowing them to develop their English language proficiency.
    Ms Chew Sook Foon
    Bandar Puteri
  • The books and materials are easy to understand. The pictures make it more lively and presentable. My child has been with CEFL for 9 years and all his skills have improved significantly.
    Mr Han Ming Siew
    Johor Jaya
  • I chose CEFL because of their achievements and performance in making students excel in English communication skills. CEFL’s resources and teaching methodologies are very simple, straightforward and very easy to understand. They’re not complicated and this encourages my child to want to learn more.
    Puan Suraya Hanaifah
    Kota Damansara
  • I find the course is more structured than other courses and I prefer the teaching methods. I can see improvement in my son’s reading and writing skills and would highly recommend the CEFL course.
    Ms Priya Nair
  • The teachers are quite professional and the syllabus covers everything your child needs to improve or learn the English language.
    Ms Chong Wah Lee
    Blossom Heights
  • The training session was very lively and fun as there were plenty of games involved! I’ve gained insights, not only on the presentation skills, but also on body languages and gestures. I love the method of teaching used by the CEFL trainers.
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • CEFL trainers adopted a fun way in training us! Their focus was improving our communication skills and upgraded our grammar and vocabulary knowledge through fun and benefitting activities. I enjoyed the programme a lot!
    Nico Pua
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • I’m definitely well-equipped now when preparing for presentation and communicating with my colleagues and clients! I will definitely recommend CEFL to my family members and other colleagues too!
    Lee Shih Ying
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • The trainer was very friendly and I gained a lot of information and tips on presentation skills. What’s my favourite activity? It had to be the word guessing activity!
    Lai Chan Chean
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • I particularly enjoyed playing English language related games before the start of the class. It was rejuvenating to take a break from the usual, long working hours.
    Lee Jin Hong
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • CEFL trainers were very professional. The activities they conducted really captured our attention and magnified our interest to learn English further.
    Jeff Chang
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • CEFL equipped us with good training materials and conducted fun activities throughout the course. This was far more effective than just learning from the textbooks!
    Jacqueline Soh
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • I am very fond of the activities provided by the CEFL trainers throughout the programme. I learned a vast selection of English words. We were encouraged to step out from our comfort zone and be confident in conversing in English with each other.
    Jack Tan
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • After undergoing a two-day course with CEFL, I found myself improving in communicating with my clients. I’ve learned effective techniques and the right choice of words to use when dealing with them.
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • I am very satisfied with the programme provided by CEFL. I truly enjoyed the group presentation session which was very useful as we learned to help one another in the preparation stage. We were given the chance to discuss with each other on ways to improve our presentation skills. We took the opportunity to bond with other participants as well!
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • I’ve learned to interact and communicate with colleagues effectively and professionally. I am now confident to converse and write in English.
    Mary Tie Ek Wah
    (Business English Communications programme)
  • It was truly an honour to be the first student to gain distinction in all four modules of the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) with the help of staff at Cambridge English for Life, Kuala Lumpur. The CIDTT also helped lay the foundation for me to pursue my Master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages), and provided that added advantage for a comprehensible study of my TESOL modules.
    Paul Chan
    (Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers)
  • I was always nervous when conversing in English, let alone to do a presentation in front of my bosses and colleagues! I am proud to say that now I no longer feel nervous about conversing in English after attending CEFL’s course in presentation skills. CEFL’s trainers were very supportive and skillful.
    Sayful Lizam
    Koperasi Tentera
  • I’ve learned the art of intonation and highlighting in my presentation. CEFL has definitely improved my presentation skills remarkably.
    Noor Farizan
    Koperasi Tentera
  • CEFL provides good trainers who have adequate knowledge and they are always happy to lend a hand to the participants during the training session.
    Noor Sazlina Mohd Salleh
    Koperasi Tentera
  • I used to feel really uneasy about public speaking. After I attended a course with CEFL, I feel less jittery now about public speaking as the trainer did a fantastic job in coaching me.
    Mrs Murhayati Othman
    Koperasi Tentera
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    Sarah Jones
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    Thomas Anderson
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    John Doe
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    Bruce Banner

CIDTL Certification Sample