September 30, 2008

Newsletter (August – September 2008)

CEFL was well represented at Cambridge University Press' (CUP) second Cambridge Day held at Holiday Villa recently. The guest speaker was Herbet Puchta, the renowned ELT specialist and author of the "English in Mind" series of ELT books published by CUP, amongst many other ELT textbooks. Mr Puchta gave a fascinating talk to his audience of Malaysian educationalists, focusing on the challenges of teaching English to teenagers, who make up the target audience for the "English in Mind" series, and the consequent objectives of the content and methodology of these textbooks.
April 30, 2008

Newsletter (March – April 2008)

New Centres… New Centres… New Centres…Bukit Jelutong (Shah Alam), which opened a new Cambridge Kids Centre in August 2007 (as announced in our last issue), has taken on the Main Suite franchise, effective January 2008, and Putra Heights (Subang Jaya), which also offers the Main Suite programme, opens its doors in March. Please see page 4 for contact details of the new Centres.
December 30, 2006

Newsletter (November – December 2006)

As the school holidays approach, the last thing our children want to think about now is schoolwork. They deserve a break, especially those who have been or are still preparing for their external exams. But as parents, we must plan for the future. We must set goals for our children apart from getting through the government exams. One of the most important goals we should set is to make sure our children are proficient in English by the time they reach Form 5.
September 30, 2006

Newsletter (July – September 2006)

Communicating positively and constructively with your children. What's the daily ratio of positive, encouraging words that you say to your children, compared to the number of complaints, orders, criticisms, warnings and discouraging words? Research shows that the ratio is heavily weighed towards the negative. Far too many children complain that these daily negative interactions form the core of their communication with their parents.
June 30, 2006

Newsletter (May – June 2006)

The way English is taught, and learned, has changed over the years. In the ‘old days’ it was taught in schools, much the same as any other subject – academically…..
March 29, 2006

Newsletter (February – March 2006)

Any teacher will tell you that the easiest students to teach are those who have an interest in a subject. But it is not always easy to develop children’s interest, especially in what tend to be […]