CEFL Bandar Baru Rawang’s & CEFL Anggun’s Educational Tour 2019

Educational Tour 2019 | Sunday, 7th July 2019

On 7th July 2019, CEFL Bandar Baru Rawang and CEFL Anggun City organised our inaugural Educational Tour 2019 which was a unique opportunity for the students to gain new insights and experiences at both stops in the tour, Petrosains and Dialogue in The Dark (DID). We at CEFL not only care about students’ proficiency in English, but also their curiosity about science and technology and development of perspective as well.
At Petrosains, the students were able to experience the world of science by hands-on exploration which truly piqued their interest. The discovery centre was full of wondrous exhibits of everything from space age to fossils, as well as Malaysia's transformation and its advancement into the new millennium.
On the second stop of the tour, the students had the chance to explore Dialogue in the Dark (DID) where they experienced how the visually impaired carry out their daily lives. The students were taken out of their comfort zone and led by blind guides through specially constructed dark rooms conveying the experiences the visually challenged have interacting in common daily environments. After the experience everyone gained new insights into how important our sight is how we must never take it for granted, while having empathy for those who have to live in such conditions throughout their lives.
Although the Educational Tour 2019 involved the discovery process of the world of science and the blind, English usage was not forgotten as the students were asked to apply their newfound knowledge and change in perception into creating an essay which was transformed into a digital story. Students also gained leadership skills as we also gave them the opportunity to show such qualities during the Tour.
In short, the Educational Tour 2019 was a huge success and thanks to everyone involved.

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