CEFL Klang & Shah Alam Celebrate Teacher’s Day 2011 (22 May 2011)

CEFL in Klang and Shah Alam organized a Teachers’ Day celebration for their teachers on 22 May 2011. It was an afternoon of sharing and learning. Mr. Allen Tan, the director of these CEFL centres kicked off the session with a speech on the importance of being inspiring teachers.  Mr. Keith Harris, the chief academic officer of CEFL talked about the qualities of CEFL teachers and four of our long-serving teachers – Mary Anne, Angelina, Amirthavalli and Eshwari – shared tips on how they got the best out of their students. After tucking into a spread of high-tea which included chocolate muffins, sandwiches and roti jala, a lively sharing session ensued. Every teacher had to contribute something – whether it is a technique which works for their class or how they coax “diamonds-in-the-mouth” students to participate or a problem they needed help with. Questions raised were adequately answered by the group of 30 in attendance.

Exchanging ideas.

Nice smiles.

Paying rapt attention.

Paying rapt attention.


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