CEFL Kota Bharu organised placement tests and educational activities for top schools in Kota Bharu (29 October 2012)

CEFL Kota Bharu organised English language placement tests and education activities for more than 120 students in Chung Hwa and Chung Cheng secondary schools on 29 Oct 2012 and 1 Nov 2012 respectively. All the students had a good time while learning grammar rules and new vocabulary. And importantly, they learnt about the benefits of being able to speak in English.

Chung Hwa Secondary School.

Students in Chung Hwa doing the placement tests.

Sri teaching grammar rules.

Learning about comparatives.

Students having a good time learning English.

Sri helping the students.

Mark and students doing the educational activities.

Chung Cheng Secondary School.

Mark explaining the importance of English.

Students in Chung Cheng doing the placement tests.

A student attempting to answer question.

Students listening to instructions.

Students participating in the educational activities.

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