CEFL Rawang Conducts a Half Day Camp at SJK(C) San Yuk Rawang – 12 October 2017

On 12 October 2017, CEFL Bandar Baru Rawang conducted a Half Day Camp at SJK(C) San Yuk, Rawang. The purpose of the Camp was to show students that English can actually be fun to learn and to encourage them to learn English through activities outside the classroom. The half day camp started out with a speech entitled “English is Fun” by Ms Shari Wiemer and was followed by group games. At the end of the event, the group with the highest marks won a prize. The camp was exciting and a lot of fun for the students at SJK(C) San Yuk.

SJK C San Yuk Standard 6 Students

Group leader picking their group number

Crossword Puzzle


The Alphabet Game

Word Search

Certificate of Appreciation from SJK C San Yuk


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