CEFL School Trip to KidZania (31 May 2012)

As a school holiday activity, CEFL organised its inaugural school trip to KidZania on 31 May 2012 which was open to children from all centres. Forty children from 7-12 had a fun time discovering and learning the concept of role play in the KidZania city. Before leaving for home, the children were taught mind mapping in relation to the school trip during a 45-minute educational debriefing session.

About KidZania

KidZania is a unique edutainment centre for children. It is a kid-sized replica of a real city, with streets, buildings, retail and different vehicles going around the City. Here, children play adult roles and they learn how to be a doctor, a pilot, a construction worker, a private detective, an archeologist, an F1 driver and over 100 other professions and occupations. There is a replica of the most representative buildings in a city such as Hospital, Supermarket, Beauty Salon, Theatre, Industrial sites, and many more. KidZania is a safe, interactive and highly educational centre where kids wear the uniform and perform the role they are playing.

Led by qualified team, they learn the complexities of the adult world, and learn the value of money, just as in real life. In KidZania, kids use the official currency kidZos (every child receives a cheque for 50 kidZos upon entering KidZania Kuala Lumpur. With this cheque, the child has to go to the bank to open an account and collect kidZos and an ATM card. Children use their kidZos at these establishments and earn more kidZos by ‘working’ in the various establishments. kidZos can also be saved in their bank account and withdrawn at ATMs located within KidZania Kuala Lumpur.) Here, children learn to appreciate the value of money, by performing over 100 professions and occupations and earn a salary. Their salaries earned, can then be used to BUY goods and services available in KidZania.

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