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Established in 2001, Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) is a leading provider of accredited ready-to-launch English language programmes. Thousands of parents, students and clients have benefited from our programmes over the years.

CEFL has progressively developed and enhanced a range of quality English language courses. Tried and tested in more than 50 CEFL centres throughout Malaysia, CEFL’s courses have a proven quality supported by an expert educational administration to review, augment and revise materials to meet the needs of today’s learners of all ages. 

These courses and the expertise to market and teach them are now accessible to suitable applicants by means of CEFL franchises. Franchises are granted to qualified individuals proposing to set up schools or expand existing schools and are available worldwide. The CEFL franchise packages are offered under the following brand names:

► Cambridge English For Life (CEFL)

► Cambridge Maths For Life (CMFL)


Why Take Up A CEFL Franchise?

A CEFL franchise provides you with excellent opportunity to become a partner in education with the full backing of CEFL’s expertise in promotion, teaching methodology, curriculum development and school management. Implemented and adopted extensively by centres throughout Malaysia, the quality of CEFL teaching and training materials and the built-in quality control procedures assure your prestige and success.


What Will A CEFL Franchisee Receive?

With a franchise, you set up a business for yourself but you are not alone in running it. Your principal office, called the franchisor, offers you an exclusive 'territory' and allows you to use its brand name (CEFL), methods of operation, technology or products for a certain period on a renewable contract. In return, you agree to run the business according to the CEFL’s proven methods and quality standards.


Franchisor Certification awarded by the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Malaysia (currently known as Ministry of Domestic Trade, Coorperative and Consumerism, MDTCC)


Orientation Programme

CEFL will organise an orientation programme designed to prepare you and your appointed Centre Manager/Administrator as well as teachers that you intend to hire for the start-up and operation of your CEFL language centre. For international associates, onsite training can be arranged.


       CEFL is registered with Ministry of Domestic Trade, Coorperative and Consumerism (MDTCC)

 Promotional Assistance

The Corporate and Operations Manual includes a section on marketing, detailing how to analyse your market and design your sales promotion around it. In addition, CEFL will help to promote your centre through public relations, promotion and advertising following your inauguration by organising promotional initiatives at corporate level. The combined effect of such promotion is far greater than any individual centre could afford, and operating under the CEFL name and logo helps to gain substantial advantage over your competition.


Ongoing Backup  

Once you have started your business, you will enjoy the benefits of professional backup and support. CEFL stands ready with its extensive experience to help you with any questions or problems that you might encounter, whether they are of a pedagogic or administrative nature.


Joining CEFL in 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1 Complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ form and return it to us.
STEP 2 You will be invited for an interview with us. Upon confirmation, you will be required to submit an application form together with the application fee.
STEP 3 Upon satisfactory review of the location of your proposed centre, we will send you a copy of the Franchise Application Form. Complete the form and submit it together with the franchise fee to enable us to proceed with the legalities of our new working relationship.
STEP 4 Two copies of the Franchise Agreement will be forwarded to you for signing; you return both copies to CEFL for our signing and stamping and thereafter a copy of the signed Agreement, which confirms your status as a Franchisee, will be returned to you. At the same time, CEFL prepares your ‘Start-Up Pack’, and arranges delivery of resources and training.



If you have further queries, please click here to get in touch with us or contact us at 03 7883 0912 /

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