The Conversational English course is designed to help learners develop their communicative ability in English, and is available at two levels, with each level being taught over 20 weeks.

The course provides learners with plenty opportunities to practise all four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The topics have been strategically chosen to provide learners with thematically-linked situations to practise English for daily use. In each unit of the course text, learners are given opportunities to read, listen to and use the target language in simulated settings.

A key strategy in the course delivery is personalised learning, where learners are given the opportunity to bring their own experiences, attitudes, and feelings into the learning process. Learners are invited to relate the content of the lesson to their own life, interests and feelings. Learning is thus made more meaningful and authentic. Learners are encouraged to make systematic connections between their own experiences and the lessons in the classroom. Throughout the course, learners will encounter a rich and vast array of data to facilitate their learning experience.

Essentially, the Conversational English course provides supportive environments for learners to develop enabling skills such as oral fluency, grammatical accuracy as well as knowledge of vocabulary, language forms and functions that will allow them to communicate effectively outside the classroom.