Dr Elsie Chin and Keith Harris on BFM 89.9 “In Conversation” on 8 February 2012 – Pursuing the Foundation of Literacy

In anticipation of World Book and Copyright Day which is celebrated on 23 April each year Dr Elsie and Keith were invited to contribute to BFM 89.9’s “Evening Edition” on 8 February 2012. They highlighted the importance of reading and literacy in children; how reading allows children to grow mentally and enhances the likelihood of them fulfilling their potential from school to university to workplace. Dr Elsie and Keith also shared with the radio audience how reading had been a significant part of their lives; and made the point that reading not only benefits the individual but also benefits the country by increasing the effectiveness of its human resources.

This 8 February 2012 recording is courtesy of BFM 89.9

BFM 89.9, The Business Station.

Keith Harris and Dr Elsie Chin in the BFM recording studio.

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