The English for Nursing programme is designed to help learners develop, enhance and refine their language knowledge and communication skills in the context of the nursing profession.

It is not enough to just have technical skills, qualifications and knowledge of nursing. Nurses must also be skilled communicators – not only with fellow care professionals, but with patients and their families and friends. This is an interactive programme that is structured to hone all four skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking.

Learners are required to participate in various communicative activities which allow them to practice important soft skills against the back drop of ‘real life situations’ that involve dealings with doctors and patients. The aim is to achieve clear, concise, instructive and appropriate communication.

The language focus is generated by topics related to nursing and concentrates on the practical application of the language. The programme is appropriate for adult learners who are studying nursing or are already members of the nursing profession.

English for Nursing is HRDF-claimable.