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What is the CEFR?



1Do you also conduct the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams besides the preparation courses?
Yes, we do. CEFL is an Authorised Centre for the University of Cambridge English Language Assessment Examinations and is the only Cambridge English Language Assessment Examinations Authorised Centre in Malaysia which has ‘Cambridge’ in its company name. The Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre Exams Manager, who is based at the CEFL Headquarters, supervises all Authorised Cambridge English Language Assessment Sub-centres under CEFL as well as Cambridge English Language Assessment exam candidates from supplier institutions of learning.
2Are the certificates recognised by overseas universities as English language requirement for entrance, or would I still need to sit for either TOEFL of IELTS?
Universities in Britain, North America and throughout the world accept the certificates awarded to successful candidates at CAE and CPE levels as evidence of an adequate standard of English for admission to undergraduate and post graduate degree courses. Furthermore, both IELTS and TOEFL qualifications have a validity period of two years whereas the Cambridge English certificates are valid for life.
3I need an English course that can help me further my studies overseas.
The Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is designed to offer a high-level qualification to individuals who wish to use English for professional or study purposes. Apart from widespread corporate recognition, CAE is also accepted by a majority of educational institutions and universities in Britain, Australasia, North America and around the world as fulfilling their English language entrance requirements.
4Are the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams meant only for people who wish to further their studies and are only recognised for university entrance?
The range of Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations includes specialist examinations in Business English, English for Academic Purposes as well as tests for young learners and a suite of certificates and a diploma for language teachers. The Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations are known all over the world and are recognised by universities, employers and national education authorities in many countries.
5What is tested in the Placement Test and do I have to pay for it?
The Placement Test is a language assessment service for individuals and organisations to determine the English language skills of the individuals or employees, job applicants or trainees in a way which is relevant to their work or level of proficiency. The test covers reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, with optional assessment in speaking and writing. The test results will enable the centre to place the student at an appropriate level for optimum benefit. A payment of RM50 will be required, of which RM25 is the placement test fee and the balance of RM25 will be used as part payment of the total course fee.
6How can I find a CEFL Centre near my house?
Click on Locations on our Contact Us page to get the location map and full contact details of a nearest centre to you.
7Where can I find the latest Examinations Schedule?
Click here.


1I want to register my five-year-old son for a good English foundation course.
Our Cambridge Junior English (JE) course, available at two levels, is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. We firmly believe in encouraging children to learn correct forms of English from an early age as this will give them a thorough grounding and a strong foundation for their future studies.
2My child goes to a Chinese school. His maths is good but not his English. Maybe he should do Maths in English later.
Different children have different learning styles and pace. Being able to do one subject does not mean it is ‘okay’ to delay their progress. We must always strike a balance between understanding of concepts and the mastery of basic skills so that children are able to acquire the language skills needed in real-life situations to describe or explain and provide reasoning for their answers or views clearly.
3 My child’s English is very weak. Do you think she can keep up with the course?
The Cambridge Assessment English exams can be taken by anyone whose first language is not English and are suitable for learners of all nationalities and of almost any age. Cambridge English For Life offers specifically tailored courses that prepare students for all the Cambridge English examinations.
4I am interested in sending my kids for English courses during the school holidays.
Some of our CEFL Centres are running holiday programmes such as Speech and Drama, available at 3 levels for learners aged 4 - 12 years, and Intensive English Programme (IEP), available at 2 levels to prepare learners for higher academic studies and professional work in English. The IEP course is flexible, offering learners a choice of modules and course duration.
5How different are your Speech and Drama classes from others?
Our Speech and Drama lessons are theme-based. Together with the teacher, the students explore a variety of readings, poems, scripts and conversations in an energetic and engaging environment. This allows them to enhance their communication skills through guided group discussions, poetry recitals, reading aloud, choral reading, storytelling, miming and character dramatisation.
6I am sending my daughter to a Chinese school next year. Realising that she may not be exposed to sufficient English language in primary one, I would also like her to attend an international English course.
The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) courses are designed for children aged 7 to 12 years. The focus of language learning is on acquiring all four communication skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, which are taught at each level. The courses culminate in a series of accessible and highly motivating tests – the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests, which are recognised internationally.

Adult Learners

1Do you provide any certificate for non-examination English courses attended by working adults?
Adult learners who have successfully completed a non-examination course will each receive a Certificate of Completion.
2Please help me. I am too embarrassed to speak to others because of my poor English.
The Conversational English course provides learners with opportunities to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Available at two levels, with each level being taught over 20 weeks, the course is designed to help learners develop oral fluency, grammatical accuracy as well as knowledge of vocabulary, language forms and functions that will allow them to communicate effectively in everyday English.
3I am a teacher who is interested in taking an English course.
Considering your teaching background, you might be interested in enrolling for our Cambridge International Diploma for Teaching and Learning (CIDTL) programme to upgrade your teaching skills and knowledge and advance professionally in your teaching career. Cambridge Education For Life is a Cambridge International Centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) that awards the CIDTL qualification.
4I have difficulties with my spoken and written English. Do you have a course that can fit in with my busy work schedule?
The Business English Communications Skills programme is suitable for adult learners who wish to improve their English language communication skills. This HRDF-claimable programme begins with a diagnostic assessment of learners’ existing knowledge, command as well as business language usage. It is designed to help participants develop and refine their language knowledge and skills for various situations requiring effective written and spoken communication. There are 40 lessons of 1.5 hours each, conducted twice a week, and it takes 20 weeks (2 terms) to complete the whole programme.
5I would like to enquire about your Business English Certificates course.
Available at three levels - Preliminary, Vantage and Higher, BEC is ideal for learners preparing for a career in business who may wish to obtain the Cambridge English Language Assessment examination qualification, or for those already working who want to improve their English communication skills and job prospects. Each course level addresses all four language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening - and takes 40 weeks (normally weekly classes of two hours each on weekday evenings or weekends).
6 I am 30 years old and working as a nurse. I want to start at the basic level. Which course is suitable for me?
The Cambridge Key English Test (KET) is the first level of the Cambridge English Language Assessment Main Suite of examinations and offers learners a basic qualification in English, which serves as an ideal pathway to higher qualifications. Learners’ with a basic qualification in English who are studying nursing or who are already working in the nursing profession may opt for our English for Nursing programme. This course focuses on practising important soft skills against the backdrop of ‘real life situations’ involving dealings with doctors and patients. The aim of the course is to achieve clear, concise, instructive and appropriate communication.