This language course gives learners who have only a very basic level of English language proficiency, integrated practice in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The grammatical structures, vocabulary and language functions are presented, practised and applied in context.

In each topic-based lesson, learners are led through a complete presentation in which the grammar points are consistently recycled and reinforced. The exercises following the lesson proceed from fully guided tasks to open-ended assignments.

The listening and speaking lessons consist of lively natural language presented within a variety of contexts. The reading selections, which are carefully graded, provide practice in skills such as skimming, scanning and making inferences.

Writing sections include pre-writing activities and specific writing tasks, followed by editing practice, peer feedback and journal writing topics. Lessons begin with highly controlled types of exercises and activities and build to freer, more communicative writings.

Upon completion of this 40-week course, learners may advance to the Cambridge Assessment English A2 Key course.