The Intensive English Programme is a modular English course at two levels of proficiency – Elementary and Pre-Intermediate – designed to prepare learners for higher academic studies and professional work in English. The course is flexible offering learners a choice of modules and course duration*.

Using motivating, current and true-to-life topics such as jobs, sports and travel to gain learners’ interest and participation, lessons are stimulating and engaging. Each module focuses on a different knowledge or skill area of language development as follows:

Reading and Writing

Learners experience many different types of reading texts and tackle writing tasks on interesting topics such as jobs, travel and lifestyle.

Listening and Speaking

Learners practise their listening skills through a variety of recorded material such as phone messages, radio programmes and different types of conversation.

Learners have the opportunity to practise their speaking skills in activities which are carefully graded and built up to role-plays, in which learners interact with a ‘partner’ whose lines are recorded on the CD.

The pronunciation exercises are divided into sounds, stress and intonation.


Learners develop their vocabulary in a wide range of topics.


Learners strengthen their grammar in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Course Duration

The complete course, comprising of all four modules, is conducted over 4 weeks (20 days x 4 hours per day).

For school holiday programmes, CEFL Centres will be offering shorter courses focusing on individual or dual knowledge/skill areas, for example Listening/Speaking/Grammar or Reading/Writing/Vocabulary, which can be completed in 2 weeks.

  • Subject to availability.