At Cambridge English For Life (CEFL), we firmly believe in encouraging children to recognize the correct forms of English from an early age as this gives them a thorough grounding and a strong foundation in learning the language as they grow up.

The Cambridge Junior English (JE) course is specifically designed for children who:

  • may be attending nursery schools or kindergartens
  • may have had some exposure to English
  • may have not yet started compulsory schooling
  • may not have started to read
  • may be absolute beginners

The Junior English course is available at two levels for pre-schoolers:

  •  Junior English (JE) 1 (age 4 – 5 years)
  •  Junior English (JE) 2 (age 5 – 6 years)

The course adapts a carefully planned syllabus that encourages effective and affective language learning. Topic coverage and activities are strategically chosen on the basis of children’s development ranging from the familiar (self, home, school) to the outside world.

The syllabus includes:

  • Phonics using a multi-sensory approach to develop reading and writing skills.
  • A student-centred approach that encourages active participation in every lesson to develop speaking skills.
  • The Total Physical Response (TPR) approach to develop listening skills.

Before enrolling, learners are advised to take a learning readiness assessment to determine which course is best-suited to their level of English language proficiency. This test can be taken at any CEFL Centre.