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I’s time to get up close and personal with nature with this year’s Nationwide Open Day! The theme is Environmental English and the event will take place on 19 & 20 October 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are delighted to welcome prospective students and their parents on this festive day to have them experience CEFL. They will be able to explore the many ways their local centre can help anyone and everyone improve their proficiency, fluency, and confidence in English. Our Nationwide Open Day is a great opportunity for anyone considering enrolling in any of CEFL’s interesting and quality programmes in 2020, to come down to the centre and have a friendly chat with the staff.

This year’s Nationwide Open Day aims to bring awareness to students about the environment and inspire the younger generation to make a difference in the world around them with a specially developed Environmental English Programme*. Those who sign up on 19-20 October and confirm a seat for the 2020 Term 1 classes will receive this complimentary interactive programme*.

By signing up at our NOD this year, enrolled students also stand a chance to win amazing prizes in CEFL’s lucky draw! Other NOD 2019 promotions include material fees waived for one term, free placement tests, and much more!

Join us in campaign to improve English and the environment on Saturday and Sunday, 19 & 20 October 2019 at your local CEFL centre or email [email protected] and we will get in touch with you soon.

Cambridge English For Life, established in 2001, is the largest network of premium English language centres in the region with more than 60 branches throughout Malaysia. CEFL maintains a reputation of academic and operational excellence, producing students who score 100% in the world renowned Cambridge English exams. Click here to locate the CEFL centre nearest you.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Inilah masanya untuk anda menerokai alam sekitar pada Hari Terbuka Seluruh Malaysia yang akan dilancarkan oleh Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) pada 19 & 20 Oktober 2019 dari jam 10 pagi hingga 4 petang yang bertemakan “Environmental English”.

Kami dengan berbesar hati mengalu-alukan kedatangan calon pelajar dari semua peringkat umur dan ibu bapa pada hari terbuka ini di semua cawangan CEFL di seluruh Malaysia. Kami menyediakan pelbagai program pembelajaran untuk membantu semua orang dalam menguasai dan meningkatkan keyakinan diri apabila bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Jangan lepaskan peluang keemasan ini dan menikmati program yang berkualiti di CEFL bagi tahun 2020 di mana-mana cawangan yang berdekatan.

Hari Terbuka tahun ini bertujuan untuk memberi kesedaran kepada semua pelajar tentang alam sekitar dan juga memberi inspirasi kepada generasi muda untuk membuat perubahan di dunia di sekeliling mereka melalui program “Environmental English”. Semua pendaftaran pada 19 dan 20 Oktober untuk penggal pertama 2020 layak mendapat yuran ‘material’ dan ujian saringan secara percuma. Bukan itu sahaja, mereka juga berpeluang untuk memenangi cabutan bertuah, dan menikmati pelbagai promosi hebat!

Mari sertai kami menerokai alam sekitar pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad, 19 dan 20 Oktober 2019 ini di cawangan CEFL berdekatan anda!*

Cambridge English For Life yang ditubuhkan pada 2001 merupakan pusat Bahasa Inggeris yang terbesar dan terkemuka dengan lebih 60 cawangan di seluruh Malaysia. Kami mengekalkan reputasi yang terbaik dari segi akademik dan operasi, dengan menghasilkan pelajar-pelajar yang mencapai keputusan 100% di peperiksaan Cambridge English.

Sila layari www.cambridgeforlife.org dan kunjungi cawangan CEFL yang berhampiran anda sekarang.
*Tertakluk pada terma dan syarat

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CEFL 2019年全国开放日

Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) 全国开放日又来临了!准备好在2019年10月19及20日(星期六、日),早上10时至下午4时,亲临全国任何一间CEFL分校,众多精彩活动等你来参加。


此次开放日的主题为《Environmental English Programme - 英文与环境》,目的是为了提升学生对环境课题的关注与意识,在课堂中让年轻族群了解及启发该如何改变环境的现状。 *凡在10月19日及20日报名并且缴付2020年第一学期学费的学生,都能免费参于该互动课程*。


别再犹豫了!请于10月19及20日当天,前往您临近的CEFL分校吧! 如想了解更多详情,欢迎电邮至 [email protected] 询问,我们将尽快回复您。

Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) 成立于2001年,拥有全区最大的优质英语教学网络,于全马设有60多间中心。CEFL享誉盛名,并坚持改进与培训以达到优质的教学与营运素质。CEFL培育出许多在闻名世界的剑桥英语考试 (Cambridge English Exams) 成绩优越并考取满分的学生。

请浏览 www.cambridgeforlife.org 以查询离您最近的CEFL分校地点!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Cambridge English For Life (CEFL) Nationwide Open Day?
CEFL Nationwide Open Day is where centres across East and Peninsular Malaysia open their doors to students and parents to learn more about the range of programmes on offer, meet the staff and have their questions on language learning answered.
2When is CEFL Nationwide Open Day?
CEFL Nationwide Open Day is on Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 October 2019 across all CEFL centres from 10am to 4pm.
3Where is CEFL Nationwide Open Day held?
CEFL Nationwide Open Day will be held at all Cambridge English For Life centres across East and Peninsular Malaysia. Kindly check out the Contact Information box below to find a CEFL centre near you or visit CEFL’s locations here.
4Who is the Nationwide Open Day for?
CEFL Nationwide Open Day is for anyone who wants to improve their proficiency, fluency and confidence in English. Learners from age 4 to adults of any age can find the right English language programmes at CEFL to help them achieve their best in life. Existing students as well as prospective students are invited to join the festivities.
5What are the promotions at CEFL during the Nationwide Open Day?
When students sign up for English classes at CEFL for the year 2020 on Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 October 2019, they will receive:
  Free Placement Test
  Environmental English Programme*
  Lucky Draw*
  Material Fee waived for one term


When students sign up for English class at CEFL for the year 2020 during the promotional period from 1 October 2019 – 30 November 2019, they receive:
  Free Placement Test
  Environmental English Programme*
  Lucky Draw*


The promotions apply to all new enrolments, both new and existing CEFL students, in English language programmes for the year 2020.
6What is the theme for this year’s Nationwide Open Day?
The theme for this year’s Nationwide Open Day is Environmental English! Nature provides us all with so many wonderful and useful things! It is our responsibility to look after the environment to make sure that many generations to come can wonder at its beauty.
7What is the complimentary ‘Environmental English’ programme about?
The ‘Environmental English’ programme aims to bring awareness to students about the environment and to inspire the younger generation to make a difference in the world around them.

‘Environmental English’ is a 4-hour interactive programme in the classroom which includes arts & crafts and other fun activities. Scheduling of classes at CEFL centres is subject to the availability of classrooms.

Who is eligible:
All students who sign up for a course during the Nationwide Open Day campaign between 1 October 2019 until 30 November 2019 , will receive the complimentary ‘Environmental English’ programme. This programme is optional for students to accept.

Start date:
Classes will commence in Quarter 1, 2020. Start dates may vary among centres.

The programme is FREE! However, there is an admin fee of RM25.00.
8How does the Lucky Draw work?
All students who sign up for a course during the Nationwide Open Day campaign are eligible to participate in the lucky draw. There are amazing prizes for the family as well as CEFL merchandise to be won. The Lucky draw will be carried out in December 2019.
9Why choose CEFL?
Since 2001, students as young as 4 years old to adults have been making their way to CEFL centres in their local neighbourhoods for efficient, effective and results-proven English language learning courses.

CEFL is an authorised examination centre of the prestigious Cambridge Assessment English examinations which are marked by officials in the UK. Our teachers receive regular training to help their students succeed and achieve their language goals.

For a full overview of English programmes available at CEFL, visit this webpage to find out more. You can also visit your local CEFL centre to find out how CEFL can benefit you and your children.