CEFL Anggun City’s Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) 2019

Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) 2019 | Sunday, 30th June 2019

On 30th June 2019, CEFL Anggun City held our PTM 2019. The PTM is one of the most important events for the year. It is a vital bridge that links parents and teachers to ensure everyone is working together for the common good of the students’ English proficiency development. Thank you parents for coming and supporting this event. It means a lot to your children to see that their parents are fully behind them in their English language journey.
In conjunction with our PTM, CEFL Anggun City held various side-events for our parents and students as well. We provided a complimentary basic health screening to our teachers, parents, and students as well as the public to show how much we care about their health as it is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle. We believe regular health screening is important because prevention is always better than cure. A Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation (CPR) demonstration was also available during the event as you never know when this knowledge will be used to save a life during emergencies. We are certain that the teachers, parents and students gained new knowledge and a better understanding of this useful lifesaving technique.
Apart from that, we arranged an eye-opening financial planning session for our parents to help them gain better insights on how to effectively plan for their children’s future.
To sum it all, Parent-Teacher Meeting 2019 was a successful event. A special thank you to KPJ Rawang and OCBC Anggun City for helping to make the event such a winner.

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