Storytelling and Fun Learning Activities at Popular BookFest in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 2011 (1 September 2011)

CEFL organised a storytelling event, which was held on Thursday, 1 September 2011 at the Popular BookFest in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The story entitled, “The Gruffalo”, attracted a group of children who had a great time listening and participating in the fun learning games.

About Popular BookFest 2011

The mega book exposition was organised by Popular Malaysia and co-organised by Sin Chew Media Corporation. The inaugural BookFest which commenced in 2006, saw 320,000 visitors. The following year, it welcomed an overwhelming crowd of 400,000. In 2008, the annual event proved to be even more successful with approximately 450,000. Despite the Influenza A H1N1 hiccup in 2009, BookFest recorded an astonishing 420,000 visitors, a very positive sign that Malaysians have a growing passion for reading. To top it all, the exposition in 2010 recorded an astounding 600,000 visitors. This year, BookFest anticipated 700,000 visitors to turn up at this mega book exhibition. This mega book exposition took place over a period of 9 days (27 August 2011 to 4 September 2011), coinciding with the school holidays.

Popular BookFest 2011.

The crowd.

Event schedule.

Christine telling the story.

Storytelling held at the stage area.

Children enjoying the story.

Children listening attentively to the story.

Children doing the fun learning activities.

Children doing the fun learning activities.

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