Vivian Yong


When I sent my elder son, Bo Yi to CEFL Kinrara at 6yo, he couldn’t read at all and I was worried. However, after just about 4 months here, I could see vast improvement. I am sending my younger son now so that he has a good head start.

Encik Azrul

Puchong Utama

I am happy with my son’s progress in Cambridge EFL at Puchong Utama. Irsyad was weak in spelling when he first joined JE 2 at the age of 7. He skipped 1 year of STARTERS after completing JE2 as his spelling improved tremendously. Now he’s a confident Movers level student

Madam Lee Su Chien

Puchong Utama

My daughter, Loh Ee Jean, took the Cambridge English For Life JE1 course when she was five years old. She is eight years old this year. Throughout these 4 years, I’m satisfied with her improvement. Now, my son has also joined Cambridge English For Life. At the beginning, he didn’t want to attend classes, but now he enjoys the classes very much.

Madam Khala

Puchong Utama

After enrolling my daughter, Esha Durrga, in Cambridge English For Life (CEFL), her grammar and her confidence in English have improved. Now, she is able to write and speak well. Recently, she achieved an excellent result in her KET examination. I hope she can excel and master the language after completing CEFL courses. Special thanks to CEFL and all the teachers for their excellent coaching.

Ms Shanice Yap

JK (C) Lai Meng

My daughter, Elise, became Teacher Irene’s student under the CEFL programme offered at her school when she was in Standard 1. She scored full marks in one of her exam papers and achieved A's in all the other papers. I must credit Teacher Irene for my girl's excellent results, and I really appreciate her dedication and encouragement over the past year”

Mrs Amy Choke

Kota Kemuning

I have seen a drastic change in my son ever since he started class last year. The class has boosted his confidence as he was always motivated to read out loud in class. He surprised me when he scored very good results in the Cambridge English Language Assessment Test. I believe my son has benefitted from CEFL lessons and I will surely recommend CEFL to others.

Mrs Chew

USJ 21

My sons have been studying English at this centre since they were quite young. Their learning is fruitful; they are progressing steadily with the aid of the effective material provided and passionate guidance from the tutors. CEFL has good quality teachers and provides an excellent service.

Ms Madeline Ong

Bandar Puteri Puchong

I would strongly recommend CEFL to other parents. The courses are well administered by professional teachers and an organised syllabus. CEFL is the path for my child’s development in all aspects of English command. I am confident she can excel and master the English language.

Mrs Wan

Kota Damansara

Throughout the year I noticed my son’s level of English improved tremendously. He can write good essays and I find he has learned a lot of new vocabulary. I’m glad I made the right choice. CEFL provides the best for their students.

Puan Sharizan bt Sharkawi

USJ 21

Both of my sons were not confident speaking English because most of their friends were Malay, and therefore they spoke more in Malay. They were struggling to express themselves because of their limited vocabulary. Now, after a few years in CEFL, my sons have improved themselves. They no longer feel shy and try to speak in English throughout and not mix it with Malay.

Mr Palaniappan


After enrolling my child into CEFL, my child’s English proficiency level has improved greatly. She now not only writes better, but listens better and speaks even more fluently.

Ms Chew Sook Foon

Bandar Puteri

CEFL provides a quality educational environment. It helps students progress in stages, allowing them to develop their English language proficiency.

Mr Han Ming Siew

Johor Jaya

The books and materials are easy to understand. The pictures make it more lively and presentable. My child has been with CEFL for 9 years and all his skills have improved significantly.

Puan Suraya Hanaifah

Kota Damansara

I chose CEFL because of their achievements and performance in making students excel in English communication skills. CEFL’s resources and teaching methodologies are very simple, straightforward and very easy to understand. They’re not complicated and this encourages my child to want to learn more.

Ms Priya Nair


I find the course is more structured than other courses and I prefer the teaching methods. I can see improvement in my son’s reading and writing skills and would highly recommend the CEFL course.

Ms Chong Wah Lee

Blossom Heights

The teachers are quite professional and the syllabus covers everything your child needs to improve or learn the English language.