Foo Chuan Yung


I have been a student at CEFL Kinrara for almost 8 years. After attending classes here, I have more confidence speaking in English as I mainly converse in Mandarin. I also learnt grammar, vocabulary and writing which help me a lot in my school work.

Jasmine Wong Yan Yan, 13

Kuchai Lama

After joining Cambridge English For Life  Kuchai, my English got better especially my grammar and vocabulary.  I was extremely happy and surprised when I received my results.  I really enjoy studying in CEFL – Kuchai because my teacher is humorous and my classmates are equally funny.  Although at times, my class can be quiet as everyone needs to listen attentively to the teacher as he teaches. It's wonderful that he will reward us with fun group activities if we completed our class work within the time frame given.  My classmates and I get along well with everyone in the centre and love the learning experience there.

Lam Wan Nee, 11

Kota Damansara

My teachers at CEFL are always guiding and motivating me to do better. I hope to continue on the path to being great at English.

Bryan Liew, 14


I enjoy the easy-going atmosphere at CEFL where teachers and classmates are always friendly and polite. The lessons are always interesting and engaging. I believe this has helped me to score full marks for the Key English Test (KET) exam in 2013.

Lian Wan Yi, 14

Kota Damansara

Attending classes at CEFL has helped to boost my interest in English. I am grateful for my parents and teacher, Ms. Shari for continuously cheering me on to achieve great results.

Heng Qi Qian, 15

USJ 21

I enjoy the lessons at CEFL as they are always fun and far from stressful. With the guidance of my teachers, I was able to score 100% in the Key English Test (KET) and earn a spot on my school’s debate team.

Syasmeen Anshary, 16

Sungai Buloh

Studying English in-depth at CEFL has challenged me to understand and speak the language better.

Chloe Yong, 9

Kota Damansara

CEFL has helped me to increase my confidence in public speaking. This new found confidence has pushed me to join more public speaking and storytelling competitions.

Alicia Ho, 12

Mahkota Cheras

Since joining CEFL, my reading and vocabulary range has improved tremendously even though I have dyslexia. I hope to become an English teacher someday to empower others the way CEFL has empowered me.

Jasmyn Heng Wei Wen, 9


I’ve made many friends at CEFL and managed to score 15 shields for all papers in the Young Learners English (YLE) exams. I really enjoy going for classes and the teachers make lessons fun.

Goh Jing Kun, 17

Kota Damansara

CEFL has guided me to achieve exceptional results in the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) examinations.

Iman Khadeeja, 6

Bandar Kinrara

Learning is always fun at CEFL. I get to learn a lot of new words, become more confident in spelling and speak better English.

Joven Thing, 9

Mahkota Cheras

Lessons at CEFL are always fun and have helped me to write better in English. I recently achieved full marks in the Super Starters examination.

Cheong Yuen Phing, 16

Kota Damansara

I enjoy the classes very much and have noticed a big improvement in my listening, writing, and speaking skills.