A comprehensive maths programme that is challenging, yet fun.


In an effort to find interesting and relevant ways to teach the maths subject and develop the learners’ English language proficiency at the same, Cambridge Education For Life designed a primary level maths programme called Cambridge Maths For Life (CMFL), that provides the important maths foundation for children from 5 – 13 years of age.

This maths programme is based on a syllabus developed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education and is broadly similar to the syllabus used in our schools. There are 7 levels in the programme, and there is an external assessment from CIE for those who complete the programme.

Learners are placed at an appropriate level of knowledge and ability, which allows them to progress at a natural pace. They are not placed according to age. This means that although they will be challenged to develop their skills, it will not be to the extent that they give up and lose interest.

The programme includes different pathways for the more able learners, providing teachers with more time to focus on those who are more challenged. By using experienced maths teachers who are proficient in English, learners will derive the dual benefit of reinforcing their understanding of maths in English and enhancing their English language proficiency. Classroom activities include role-plays, the use of models and practical demonstrations.

The materials used to teach the programme are from the UK and encompass the latest in the methodology for teaching maths to young learners, with colourful books, relevant exercises and interactive pictures to stimulate learners while providing a practical visual exercise as an aid to understanding.