Early Childhood Education, Character and Life Skills Development

At CCH, we believe that every child should be given a fair start in life. Not just being taught their letters, but learning to express their creativity to bring out the best in them, and giving them confidence to deal with life’s experience, excitement and accomplishments.

CCH together with our associate company Cambridge Children’s House Ltd, UK, a Character and Life Skills Development Centre, is designed to provide well-illuminated, active and passive character development activity areas that accommodate a range of play and organised learning such as language mastery, effective communication and interpersonal skills development. CCH also serves the need of parents and facilitate adult-children relationship building by providing a safe and loving environment.

The CCH Curriculum

CCH understands the importance of appropriate educational experiences and their role in the success of children as they develop and grow. A variety of developmentally-appropriate educational programmes are available to help prepare children for the challenges of playschool, nursery, the foundation years, Standard One and beyond.

CCH Developmental Milestones for Very Young Learners Age 4 to 6 Years (Playgroup, Nursery and Foundation Years)

Children at this stage are beginning to think through their actions, solve problems and understand language. They thrive on new experiences and it is for this reason that CCH is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually and happily.

Between the ages 4-6, the child is also ready to explore and discover the world around him or her. We strive to spark the child’s sense of discovery by providing a colourful and enriching environment filled with self-directed but adult supervised activities to give the child the independence he or she needs and to help prepare the child to make the transition into preschool. As children in this age group are able to express thoughts, we engage them in activities such as reading aloud, nursery rhymes and singing to expand their language skills.

After and Before (School) Care (ABC) for Children Age 4 to 12 Years

Choosing the right before and after school learning environment for the primary school age child is a significant and exciting decision. At one end of the continuum, parents must feel certain that they are choosing a centre that focuses on learning, yet appreciates the significance of fun and at the other end of the same continuum children want to gain their confidence that they are fully capable of looking after themselves. Therefore, parents often seek a place that will allow their child to develop a sense of independence without compromising his or her academic progress and a place that will allow the child to take responsibility for him or herself. The atmosphere at CCH is one where children can make friends and share the fun of learning with other children. We know that parents want their child to be cared for by teachers who keep them safe, loved and nurtured based on individual personality and unique abilities.

Learning Studios that Build Character

Learning studios are little learning corners set up within each CCH centre as a specific area for children to engage in activities that promote creativity and imagination. Each CCH learning studio had been carefully designed to delight, intrigue and inspire young learners and is selectively named to constantly remind the children that character counts, such as:

  • Charity
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Wisdom
  • Independence

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