Public Statement

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“We at Cambridge English For Life Sdn Bhd are dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and committed to providing professional educational services in areas of our demonstrated competence to meet the needs of our students and the community. We are the registered user of the trademark “Cambridge English For Life”, used while marketing our services and brand to the students and community. We are concerned with the recent proliferation of fraudulent and infringing activities of entities who are trying to make illegal profit by offering services posing as if they are part of the Cambridge English For Life brand and company and thereby causing immense damage to the reputation and goodwill of our brand. A misrepresentation of the Cambridge For Life brand is not only damaging to us in the eyes of the public but also to our base of existing customers.

Specifically, it has come to our attention that some third party is offering services while posing as a Cambridge English For Life language centre located at Unit7-2, Jalan Elektron J, U16/J, Seksyen U16 Denai Alam 40160 Shah Alam.

Therefore, the public is hereby cautioned against dealing with this centre or any of its representatives. Please take note that Cambridge English For Life is not in any way connected/associated with this centre and therefore cannot be held liable for the actions of either the perpetrators or their victims. The public is also advised not to be attracted or lured by any of their communication which solicit payments and promised services.

For more information about our recognised member institutions, you may refer to our website at http://cambridgeforlife.org/cambridge_english_center_malaysia/ or call us at 03-78830912.”


The Management
Cambridge English For Life Sdn. Bhd.
(Company No. 386971-H)
4th April 2017