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Cambridge English Qualifications: C2 Proficiency

The C2 Proficiency examination is for candidates who have an appropriate level of educational and personal maturity and can use English for study or professional purposes. Success at this very advanced level exam represents a significant personal achievement.

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C2 Proficiency is aimed for learners who need to show that they can:

  • Follow a high level academic course (postgraduate and PhD programmes) and participate confidently in seminars and tutorials related to it
  • Lead and conduct research
  • Partake in negotiation and persuasion at managerial and professional levels.

Exam Components

C2 Proficiency has four components – Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each of the four test components contributes to a profile which defines the candidate's overall communicative language ability at this level.

Paper 1: Reading and Use of English

1 hour 30 minutes

Candidates are expected to deal confidently with published text such as fiction and non-fiction books, journals, newspapers and manuals. The tasks may require skills including very detailed reading, following an argument, coherence and linking, looking for specific information and skim reading.

Paper 2: Writing

1 hour 30 minutes

Candidates are expected to show that they can produce two different pieces of writing, such as essays, reports and reviews. The candidate will be required to integrate a summary of key points which they have read in the essays provided, evaluate the abstract arguments involved and include their own ideas on the topic in a coherent essay.

Paper 3: Listening

Approximately 40 minutes

Candidates are expected to follow and understand the meaning of spoken materials such as lectures, speeches and interviews. They will need to demonstrate the ability to listen for opinion, gist, detail, and inference.

Paper 4: Speaking

16 minutes

Candidates are expected to show their ability to take part in different types of interaction with the speaking examiners and their speaking partner. They must demonstrate the ability to speak on their own for a longer time, expressing and justifying opinions, and developing topics.

Date of Written Exam

10 June 2023

Speaking Test Window

20 May 2023 to 11 June 2023
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