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English for Adults

Impress top employers and learn everyday English skills to increase your social confidence.

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Business English Communications (BeComm)

10 weeks per term

Improve your practical English communication skills for the workplace through fun group activities while learning proper cultural and professional practices.

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Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT)

50 hours

A professional teacher training course that develops the practical teaching skills of practising and aspiring teachers who speak English as a second language.

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Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CIDTL)

Classes will be conducted online

CIDTL is designed to help teachers develop their professional thinking and practice, and enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

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Professional Business English

10 weeks per term

Prove to top employers and universities worldwide that you have the English language skills to succeed in the corporate and business environment.

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Corporate English Training

Length varies

We provide business English programmes to address specific needs for your company as well. Our lessons are available for a broad range of industries.

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General English for Adults

10 weeks per term

This course is for adults with a basic level of English proficiency. It develops the beginner’s ability to have meaningful communication in English.

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Conversational English

10 weeks per term

Learn everyday English for adults in a personalised way within a supportive environment to increase your social confidence.

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International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Varies - Contact us to find out more

We have courses to prepare you for the IELTS exams in order to gain access to international colleges or universities, improve career opportunities or for migration purposes in English-speaking countries.

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Learning Outcomes

The business English courses develop the communication skills and confidence needed in handling business situations effectively. The Conversational English and General English for Adults courses improve the learner’s ability to deliver effective daily communication that would help improve social opportunities.

Stimulating Learning Experience

Business English teacher in business wear holding a file

Experienced teaching staff

Our experienced teachers come from quality backgrounds with years of experience. We ensure that each and every one of them are certified educators for the sake of delivering the best education to you.

Group of business people in suits clapping in a business meeting

Build your confidence

Gain confidence to succeed in a professional environment. Be equipped to impress clients at business events and communicate effectively with persuasive presentation skills and business writing.

Adult-oriented learning materials

We provide the best learning materials which are suitable for the needs of adult students. These books use real life examples that our students will be able to relate to and incorporate into their work and social life.

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