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Certificate in English Language Teaching

Approved by the Ministry of Education, this HRD Corp claimable professional teacher training course develops the practical teaching skills of teachers who speak English as a second language. We help teachers learn various effective teaching methods and techniques.

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Throughout the years, our own highly-trained teachers have produced hundreds of thousands of graduates that have achieved excellence in their assignments and career pursuits. Excellent teachers can truly be the inspiration to their students to excel! Our Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) can help you to become an inspiring teacher.

Whether you are currently teaching or aspire to teach in a preschool, primary or secondary school, the CELT will build and sharpen your skills so you can give students a brighter future.

Course Objective

Certificate in English Language Teaching

In this course, the teacher or aspiring teacher will develop their pedagogical skills aligned with the latest teaching strategies and trends in the teaching and learning of English for learners of all ages and contexts.

Course Structure

Certificate in English Language Teaching

Skill Areas

  • Preparation skills ‘before the lesson’
  • Teaching and class management skills ‘during the lesson’
  • Evaluation skills ‘after the lesson’
  • Applicable to a wide range of different teaching situations according to the teachers' and students' styles of learning

Training Methodology Using Interactive Methods

Certificate in English Language Teaching

  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions
  • Pair and group activities
  • Presentations
  • Sharing teaching experience

A Certificate in English Language Teaching will be awarded to candidates at the end of the course.

​Learning Outcomes

Certificate in English Language Teaching

  • Demonstrate how to teach a given topic based on the four core skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Produce and conduct learner-centred lessons based on active learning strategies
  • Apply new teaching techniques
  • Design teaching materials that cater to learners of different abilities
  • Apply different classroom management skills
  • Increase the options of teaching and learning activities for classroom practice

Course Requirement

Certificate in English Language Teaching

The candidate is recommended to have an English proficiency that is equivalent to Cambridge B2 First.

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Classes begin from 18 August to 17 November 2024.

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